Presentation Skills

For many people presenting in public in front of an audience is one of their greatest fears.

It doesn’t need to be like this. Presenting calmly and confidently is a learned skill. No-one is born a natural despite what they might want you to think!

Our presentation skills courses will let you make sure that you communicate your key points clearly and concisely and leave a great impression.

We can show you tried and tested techniques for calming your nerves, structuring your presentation to keep people’s attention and making sure your voice and body language also help you to get your message across.

We offer three different courses in this category:

  1. Communication Skills Training: This helps you with general communication skills to build your influence and visibility.
  2. Presentations Skills Training: If you struggle presenting to small teams and group this course will how you how to communicate your message clearly and memorably.
  3. Public Speaking Course. This is for people who speak to large audiences who want to ensure that their key messages are communicated loud and clear to their audience.

Presentation Skills Articles

We also write about public speaking and presentation skills on our blog.

Our most popular articles include:

  1. How to deal with nerves when public speaking
  2. What to prepare a month before speaking in public
  3. How to engage your audience when speaking in public.

Communication Skills Training

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Presentation Skills Training

This presentation skills course will turn you into an enthusiastic, confident presenter. Start looking forward to the chance to make […]

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Public Speaking Course

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Coronavirus Precautions

We are currently anticipating that we will resume classroom training from mid-July 2020.

By then we will have finalised our coronavirus precautions which will include:

  • Our classes will be limited to a maximum of 5 delegates.
  • All training rooms will contain a UV air steriliser.
  • All desks will be cleaned immediately before each course starts.
  • All communal surfaces will be disinfected three times per day.
  • We will provide facemasks for all delegates and would encourage them to wear a face mask if they feel comfortable doing so.
  • All delegates will be required to wash or sterilise their hands immediately on arriving at our training facility.

On arrival, we will take everyone’s temperature using a contactless thermometer. If your temperature is over 38C you will not be able to attend your course.

Custom Courses

We specialise in running custom presentation skills training courses. These are designed specifically to meet the needs of specific individuals or companies.

If you don’t see a course here that is exactly what you’re looking for please give us a call and we’ll design something specifically for you.

Customised presentation training courses allow us to run the course on a date to suit you. We can deliver them at your offices, at our London training centre or at any third party venue.