Become a confident, engaging public speaker. Learn how to keep your audience engaged throughout your speech and become someone who enjoys speaking to an audience.

For a significant proportion of us public speaking rates as one of our greatest fears. It is certainly not something to enjoy or look forward to.

With the right training and practice, anyone can become an accomplished speaker. Learn the proven techniques to deal with stage fright.

This fun, practical one-day public speaking course will show you the step-by-step process used by experienced speakers to get and keep their audience’s attentionĀ and ensure that they deliver a great speech every time.



You will return to work a far more impactful public speaker.

You will learn a number of proven public speaking methods to ensure that you consistently deliver engaging speeches.

This course covers:

  1. FOUNDATIONS: What is public speaking? Why is it important?
  2. STYLES: The different styles of public speaking that people use and when these are appropriate
  3. THE BASICS: The 3 essential ingredients that make a good speaker and good speech.
  4. STAGE FRIGHT: What the signs are and recognised techniques to deal with it.
  5. PRACTICE: This course is deliberately very practical and so includes a number of exercises to ensure that you practice the techniques that you are being shown.


You do not need any specific experience or skills to join this training course.

To get the most from it we do ask people to prepare some notes on how they have prepared for and given speeches in the past.

We also ask them to bring along a very short section of a speech that they have given previously to use when practising.


We ask you arrive with us by 9.15am.

This gives us time to get you settled in with a cup of tea / coffee and be ready to start at 9.30am promptly.

Our courses run until 4.15pm approximately. with a couple of refreshment breaks and a break for lunch.

We offer a comfortable, air-conditionedĀ training environment and some of the friendliest trainers on the planet.

You don’t need to bring anything with you. We provide everything that you will need for a fun, productive day:

  1. Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits.
  2. A delicious, freshly prepared lunch.
  3. A full-colour public speaking reference book for you to take notes in and take home with you.

We do not have a dress code, so please come along wearing whatever you are most comfortable in.