Professional Development

At Development Academy we offer a range of professional development training courses to accelerate your career with the skills that you need to be most effective.

The professional development skills that we teach give you the toolkit of tried and tested techniques and frameworks that you need in order to accelerate your career. They are particularly relevant for people who are finding their day-to-day work stressful and feel that they are falling behind.

Our courses include.

  1. Resilience skills training. Learn stress management techniques so that you can stay calm, focused and productive.
  2. Influencing skills course. This will show you how to build support and persuade colleagues more effectively.
  3. Assertiveness training. Develop the confidence to ensure that you opinions are heard loud and clear by colleagues.

Often a few relatively simple techniques consistently applied are all that stands between you just surviving and genuinely thriving.

All of our training courses begin by laying out the theory of a skill or technique so that you understand the background behind the idea. However, they very quickly move to how these tools can be used practically in day-to-day business life.

Skills are things that are used every day not theoretical knowledge. Our professional development courses spend more time on practical application and roleplaying to let you practice using the skill than they do on theoretical learning.

For example, on our time management training course the final session is devoted to helping you create a personal action plan. During this session, in conjunction with the trainer, you will create your own action plan. By the time you leave not only will you understand how to better manage your time but you will actually have a clear, actionable plan to use so that you are 100% clear how you will put what you’ve learned into practice.

Professional Development Articles

We also write about professional development on our blog.

Our most popular articles include:

  1. Taking Meeting Minutes For Beginners
  2. The importance of planning for time management
  3. The importance of delegation for time management

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Time Management Course

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Coronavirus Precautions

We are currently anticipating that we will resume classroom training from mid-April 2021.

By then we will have finalised our coronavirus precautions which will include:

  • Our classes will be limited to a maximum of 5 delegates.
  • All desks will be cleaned immediately before each course starts.
  • All communal surfaces will be disinfected three times per day.
  • We will provide facemasks for all delegates and would encourage them to wear a face mask if they feel comfortable doing so.
  • All delegates will be required to wash or sterilise their hands immediately on arriving at our training facility.

So that you are aware on arrival we will take everyone’s temperature using a contactless thermometer. If your temperature is over 38C you will not be able to attend your course.

Custom Courses

We specialise in running custom professional development training courses. These are designed specifically to meet the needs of specific individuals or companies.

If you don’t see a course here that is exactly what you’re looking for please give us a call and we’ll design something specifically for you.

Customised professional development courses allow us to run the course on a date to suit you. We can deliver them at your offices, at our London training centre or at any third party venue.