Become a confident and memorable presenter. Stop worrying that your audience will find you dull and make sure that they remember the key points you want to make.

This presentation skills course will show you how to present with enthusiasm and confidence. Who knows you might even come to enjoy presenting!

This is an interactive course. During it you will practice what you are being shown using a presentation that you have delivered or are planning to deliver in the near future.

This will ensure that you return to work a far happier presenter.


This course is focused on showing you how to give memorable presentations that communicate with impact.

A combination of practice and learning ensures that you leave us with new, practical skills not just classroom learning.

By the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Assess your own presentation skills.
  • Understand the key areas that you find most difficult.
  • Recognise the purpose and components of an impactful presentation.
  • Structure a presentation for maximum effect.
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence.
  • Use props for added emphasis.

This course is open to anyone who would like to improve their presentation skills.

In order to be able to practice what you are learning, you will need to bring along, material that can be used in the preparation of a short 5-minute presentation.

This could be part of a work-related presentation that you have or will need to present or an interest.

Our training courses run from 9.30am through to approximately 4.15pm.

We ask that you arrive by 9.15am. This means that you can be comfortably seated and settled in with a cup of coffee or tea and ready to start at 9.30am sharp.

We offer supportive, relaxed classes and some of the nicest instructors on the planet.

We include everything that you will need to have a great training day.

✔ Plenty of refreshments and biscuits through the day.
✔ A tasty, freshly prepared lunch.
✔ Comfortable, fully air-conditions training rooms.
✔ A full-colour presentation skills book to take home with you.

We don’t have a dress code. Please come dressed in whatever you are most comfortable wearing.


  • Self-assessing your current level of presentation skills.
  • Identifying your main areas for development.
  • Recognising your workplace needs and opportunities for presenting
  • Tackling nerves
  • Identifying the key purpose of your presentation
  • Knowing what and how to best plan
  • Scoping the structure of an impactful presentation
  1. Content: What you should include into your presentation?
  2. Contact: How you should interact with your audience?
  3. Control: How to control your audience.
  • Getting and keeping the audience’s interest
  • Demonstrating confidence
  • Using your vocal power
  • Displaying positive body language
  • Staying in command
  • Handling questions with authority
  • What should you use?
  • When should you use it?
  • How to control the impact a resource has.
  • Using your key resource: your audience.
  • Committing to your personal action plan.
  • Identifying which specific activities you will do differently tomorrow.
  • Using the Implementation/Impact matrix so that your plan becomes a reality.