We’re recruiting! If you’re a top complainer and can put on a stern face, we want you!

by Ben Richardson
5th October 2020    2 Minutes

One of the key courses we run at Development Academy is assertiveness training, during this course participants learn how to communicate clearly and calmly when under pressure and strategies for staying calm with dealing with situations that they find difficult and stressful.

To give participants a way to try out their new skills in as realistic a way as possible, we’re looking to recruit people to act as an incognito ‘workplace bully’. 

We are looking for someone who is happy being difficult and making things a bituncomfortable for our delegates, so that they can practice standing up for themselves and putting into practice what we’re teaching them. 

While we will give you the broad setup of a scenario you will have to be prepared to improvise in order to try to make the minor conflict in their workplace as realistic as possible. 

If this sounds like something you could handle, check out the key skills and responsibilities below, as well as the application form:


Key skills required

  • Quick thinking and able to improvise on the spot
  • Ability to react to changing situations
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Adept at complaining or antagonising people 
  • Previous acting experience is desired but not essential 



  • The main responsibility will be to pretend to be a bit of a bully – this could be an angry customer, unreasonable supplier, a new work colleague with a chip on their shoulder or just someone who is having a really bad day
  • Crucially, you must remain detached from the roleplay and know how to gently increase how difficult you are being. It is critical that you carefully control how you behave depending on how well our participant is managing you. 
  • Give constructive feedback following the session, highlighting strengths and areas to improve on. Each scenario will be no more than 10 minutes long followed with a discussion and feedback of up to 20 minutes afterwards. 


  • Up to £500 per month for 2 hours of work a week (depending on demand – each session should be no longer than 30 minutes, with two to four sessions planned a week), plus travel expenses if needed
  • Variety – each session will be uniquely tailored to the participant presenting the workplace bully with an ever-changing role

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the below form: