Learn how to be a happy, confident and respected line manager.
Delivery: Live online & in-person workshops
Price: £395 + VAT
Length: 1 Day

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Course overview

Master the essentials of line management on our one-day new manager training course.

By the end of this fun, interactive line management training course you will be able to:

  • Organise yourself and be confident that important tasks are being completed.
  • Set clear goals and expectations so that your team really understands what you need from them.
  • Give feedback, both positive and negative, to your team to motivate and coach them.
  • Work with difficult and underperforming team members constructively.
  • Feel confident you have the skills needed to step into your first line management role.
  • Have fun and enjoy managing your team.



Jo has been a professional development coach and trainer for over 20 years and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD).

She started her career as an engineer before moving to a global pharmaceutical company, where she spent 18 years. While she was there she progressed through a variety of leadership and technical roles across HR, customer service and training.

Your Trainer

Jo has been a professional development coach and trainer for over 20 years and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD).

She started her career as an engineer before moving to a global pharmaceutical company, where she spent 18 years. While she was there she progressed through a variety of leadership and technical roles across HR, customer service and training.

Training Course Details

This section focuses on how you ensure clear communication with your team.

It focuses on:

  • Communicating effectively with your team as a group and as individuals.
  • Listening skills as a key part of good communication skills.
  • Team building skills.
  • The importance of consistency between your message and your behaviour.

This section covers how you planning for your new management role.

It addresses how you identify the scope of your new responsibilities and how you deal with concerns arising from the transition to your new role.

It focuses on:

  • Supervision, Leadership & Management – What these roles are, what responsibilities come with them and what are the differences.
  • Management Skills – How you deal with the change from being a team member to a team manager.
  • Time Management – How to organise yourself, your time and your priorities.

This section looks at how you communicate to your team what success looks like both as a group and individually.

It then looks at how you help them to achieve that success.

It focuses on:

  • Expectations your team have of you.
  • Your expectations of your team.
  • Defining and measuring success.
  • Setting and measuring objectives and goals.
  • Taking responsibility and being proactive.
  • Developing your team and their skills.

This section focuses on understanding what motivates you and your individual team members to achieve your goals.

It covers: :

  • Identifying your team’s strengths and minimising the impact of weaknesses
  • Understanding different individual styles and how to manage and motivate them
  • Building each member of your team’s skills and capabilities to ensure optimal performance
  • Ensuring your team are organised and effective in achieving goals and meeting targets
  • Giving feedback (positive and negative)
  • Dealing with difficult people, difficult conversations and performance management for under-performing members of your team

The final section of this line management training course is dedicated to you creating your own personal action plan.

During this section, in conjunction with the trainer, you work through exactly what and, more importantly, how you are going to change on your return to the workplace.

This ensures that you leave us with a very clear, simple plan for when you return to the office and are clear on the next steps that you need to take to make your first line manager role a success.

This course is for people who want to master the four key pillars of management – communication, motivation, goal setting and organisation.

Whether you are about to step up to your first line management role, or an experienced manager who has never had any formal training, we’ll give you the tools you need to be a really effective manager.

To get the most from this line management course, we would encourage you to come with a shortlist of the biggest challenges that you are facing / will face in your new role.

We would also encourage you to reflect on your management style (if you are in post) or on any new skills that you think you will need in your new manager role if you are about to become a manager for the first time.

To see other similar courses see: Management & Leadership Courses.

You do not need to bring anything with you. We provide everything that you will need to have a really fun, productive day’s training.

That includes:

  • Some of the nicest trainers on the planet!
  • Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits.
  • A full-colour book outlining all the course materials, for you to take home.
  • A comfortable, fully air-conditioned training room.

Our line manager courses run from 9.30 am until approximately 4.30 pm.

We ask that you arrive at 9.15am so that we can have you comfortably settled in with a cup of tea or coffee, ready to start at 9.30 am.

Please come wearing whatever you are most comfortable in, we do not have a dress code.

London Training Centre
Fleet House, 8 - 12 New Bridge St
London, EC4N 7BE
Tel: 0203 143 8100


Guildford Training Centre
Surrey Technology Centre, 40 Occam Road
Guildford, GU2 7YG
Tel: 01483 380 390


If you would prefer a private line management course we’ll happily organise one for you.

Simply let us know exactly where you would like to focus on during your pre-course consultation and when you would like it and we’ll create a course just for you.

With our custom courses we can offer great flexibility:

  • 1-2-1 or in-house with your colleagues?
  • At your offices or in one of our centres?
  • Focusing only on certain key topics?
  • What types of activities would work best for your and your team?
  • How would you like the materials presented?


Line Management Course FAQs

Yes we offer both classroom training and online line manager training.

Our virtual training has been carefully designed to mimic our in-person new manager training as closely as possible.

This course includes all of the content we use in our physcial new line manager workshop.

We limit the number of people in our workshops to 5.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that everyone gets plenty of one-to-one attention and time to ask questions and feel that limiting numbers is the only way to guarantee this to everyone who attends one of our line management courses plenty of attention.

Our line management course teaches fundamental management skills.

These are the essential management tools that all good managers use day in and day out. These tried and tested tools do not change, regardless of the situation, as people are still people.

However, exactly how these tools should be implemented in your day-to-day work will vary according to the situation.

For example, the key tools of time management do not change but the frequency by which you need to review your priorities will vary depending on how frequently your manager reviews your targets.

This is what we work through with you during the Personal Action Plan section of the day. This is time on the course set aside to reflect on and discuss how the principles that you have learned during the day can be implemented in your exact situation. We make sure that everyone leaves us with a clear plan of action.


We’re not happy if you’re not happy.

If you’re not happy with your training course then we will give you your money back. See this link for full details.

If you would like to see some of our reviews please take a look at our Google reviews here: Development Academy Google Reviews


We will be in touch with a booking confirmation as soon as we process your email.

This will include full of your course booking and also a full tax invoice.

It should hopefully give you all the information that you need but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re here to help.

We accept credit and debit cards and also direct bank transfers as payment for all of our training courses.

No there is no dress code for our courses.

Please come wearing whatever you are most comfortable in.

Yes, but please let us know before booking. 

If you have any special needs or requirements please let us know when you book your course so that we can confirm that we’ll be able to accommodate your needs before you book the course. Please also let the trainer know at the start of your training day.

Yes, you can change your course dates up to 14 days before the course start date subject to an admin fee.

Changes cannot be made to the booking within 14 days of the course start date.

Please see our full terms and conditions for more details.

No. We provide everything that you need for the training day.

The only additional costs for you will be travel to and from the training venue and accommodation overnight if needed.

This course is for people looking to master the essential skills of line management whether they are experienced managers or in a new management role.

Line managers (new and more experienced) have a huge impact on employee engagement, motivation, and performance. They are key to an organisation’s success.

We find that anyone that doesn’t have a good grasp of the basics of management gets a huge amount from our course.

Even if you’re doing a good job currently once we’ve given you the tools you’ll find it that much simpler to shine in your role.

Our London training centre centrally located in the City of London.

It is a 3-minute walk from both Blackfriars tube station and Thameslink station.

See this link for full details of the facilities at our centre if you book line management training with us in London.

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