Learn to take clear notes & produce concise, polished minutes.
Delivery: Live online & in-person workshops
Price: £395 + VAT
Length: 1 Day

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Course overview

This one-day minute taking training course leads you through the whole process step-by-step.

It starts with pre-meeting preparation and then takes you through the meeting itself, before finishing with distributing the final minutes.

By the end of this training course you will be able to:

  • Plan everything needed to prepare for a meeting to make sure it runs smoothly
  • Write and distribute meeting agendas
  • Take accurate notes during the meeting and work with the meeting chairman
  • Document the key decisions taken at a meeting
  • Convert your notes into clear, effective minutes



This training course is designed for beginners. You do not need prior experience to join it.

It is a very practical course. It includes lots of chances to practice what you’re learning, as you go along.

This means you will return to work feeling much more confident and relaxed about being a minute taker.

If you have not tried to take minutes before, it is helpful if you can give it a try before you come to the course. It will bring the training to life for you.

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Course Details

  • Understanding the purpose of the meeting
  • The type of meeting
  • The meeting agenda
  • The purpose and value of taking notes or minutes
  • Notifying participants / Arranging the meeting
  • Working with the chair and meeting participants
  • Meeting roles and dynamics
  • Helping to keep to time
  • Developing listening skills
  • What to record – the important vs. the irrelevant
  • Who needs to know what?
  • Achieving accuracy, brevity and clarity
  • Using the appropriate structure and style
  • Efficient use of your time and the attendees’ time
  • How to present the information to the best effect

During this session, you are guided to prepare a personalised action plan of how you will apply the skills and knowledge that you have learned during the day when you return to work.

Jo has been a professional development coach and trainer for over 20 years and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD).

She started her career as an engineer before moving to a global pharmaceutical company, where she spent 18 years. While she was there she progressed through a variety of leadership and technical roles across HR, customer service and training.

Guildford Training Centre
Surrey Technology Centre, 40 Occam Road
Guildford, GU2 7YG
Tel: 01483 380 390


London Training Centre
Fleet House, 8 - 12 New Bridge St
London, EC4N 7BE
Tel: 0203 143 8100


We frequently run private minute-taking courses for groups from the same organisation.

This allows us to tailor the training course to their exact requirements.

Let us know exactly what you need and we’ll happily create a custom minute-taking course for you.

  • 1-2-1 or in-house with your colleagues?
  • At your offices or in one of our centres?
  • Focusing only on certain key topics?

We provide everything that you’ll need for a really fun, productive day of training. 

We offer a relaxed, supportive learning environment and some of the nicest instructors on the planet.

Our courses run from 9.30 am to roughly 4.15 pm.

We include everything you need for a really enjoyable, productive day:

  • Plenty of refreshments and biscuits throughout the day.
  • Comfortable, fully air-conditioned training rooms.
  • A full-colour minute-taking book to take home with you

There is no dress code. Please come dressed in whatever you are most comfortable in.



Minute Taking FAQs

We are limit the number of people in our workshops to 5.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that everyone gets plenty of one-to-one attention and time to ask questions.

Limiting numbers is the only way to guarantee this to everyone who attends one of our minute-taking courses.

Our effective minute-taking course teaches the fundamentals of writing minutes.

These are the tried and tested skills. These skills do not vary between different types of meetings. The exact way that you apply them might but the fundamental skills that teach won’t change.

For example, an all-day quarterly board meeting will require far more detailed planning than taking minutes for a weekly team meeting. However, in both cases, effective minute taking will require you to plan ahead before the meeting.

Similarly, taking notes and distributing them three days after a quarterly meeting will be entirely appropriate.

However, if the minute taker at a weekly meeting distributes the minutes three days afterwards that is too late.

In both cases, however, writing clear minutes is vital.

Yes. We’re not happy if you’re not happy.

If you’re not happy with your training course then we will give you your money back. See this link for full details.

If you would like to see some of our reviews please take a look at our Google reviews here: Development Academy Google Reviews

We will send you a booking confirmation as soon as we process your email.

This will include full of your course booking and also a full tax invoice.
It should hopefully give you all the information that you need but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re here to help.

We accept credit and debit cards and also direct bank transfers.

No there is no dress code for our courses.

Please come wearing whatever you are most comfortable in.

Yes, we do in most cases.

Please let us know when you book your course. That way we can confirm this to you as soon as possible.

You can change your course dates up to 14 days before the course start date. 

This is subject to an administration fee of £95 + VAT.

Changes cannot be made to the booking within 14 days of the course start date. Please see our full terms and conditions for more details.

No. We provide everything that you need for the minute-taking training day.

The only additional costs for you might be lunch, and the cost of travel to and from the training venue and accommodation overnight if that is required.

Our London training centre centrally located in the City of London.

It is a 3-minute walk from both Blackfriars tube station and Thameslink station.

See this link for full details of the facilities at our centre in London. London Training Centre.

Other courses taught at our London Location

We train organisations across the whole of the UK. 

We provide training at our training centres in London and Guildford.

In addition, we provide training at our clients’ sites in the whole of the UK.

Minutes ensure that maximum benefit is generated by a meeting. 

Meeting minutes are a written record of what was discussed, by who, and what was agreed.

They act as a future reference point. This means that agreements and action points are not forgotten.