Course Overview

Become a confident, capable manager and build a team that both likes, respects and trusts you.

Many people find their first management role the most stressful of their entire career. It requires a completely different way of working.

This course will equip you with the skills and confidence to successfully take on your new role. We will show you all of the basics like:

  • How to organise yourself
  • How to set clear goals and expectations
  • How to given feedback, both positive and negative
  • How to deal with difficult and underperforming team members

This fun, interactive and challenging course will show you how to develop the skills you need to build a team that wants you to succeed.

The Training Day

Our courses run from 9.30am until approximately 4.30pm.

We ask that you arrive at 9.15am so that we can get your lunch order and have you comfortably settled in with a tea / coffee ready to start at 9.30am promptly.

All of our training rooms are comfortable and fully air-conditioned.

You do not need to bring anything with you. We provide everything that you will need to have a really productive day:

  1. Some of the nicest trainers on the planet!
  2. Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits.
  3. A delicious, freshly prepared lunch.
  4. A full-colour course book for you to take home.

Please come wearing whatever you are most comfortable in, we do not have a dress code.

Am I Ready For This Course?

This course is open to everybody. There are no requirements in order to attend.

To get the most from this course, however, we would encourage you to come with a short list of the biggest challenges that you are facing / will face in your new role.


Course Detail

This section focuses on how you ensure clear communication with your team.

It focuses on:

  • Communicating effectively to the team as a group and as individuals.
  • Listening skills.
  • The importance of consistency between your message and your behaviour.


This section covers how you plan for your new role.

It addresses how you identify the scope of your new responsibilities and how you deal with concerns arising from the transition to your new role.

It focuses on:

  • Supervision, leadership and management – What these roles are, what responsibilities doe with them and what are the differences.
  • How you deal with the change from being a team member to a team manager.
  • How to organise yourself, your time and your priorities.

This section looks at how you communicate to your team what success looks like both as a group and individually.

It then looks at how you help them to achieve that success.

It focuses on:

  • Expectations your team have of you.
  • Your expectations of your team.
  • Defining and measuring success.
  • Setting and measuring objectives and goals.
  • Taking responsibility and being proactive.


This section focuses on understanding what motivates you and your individual team members to achieve your goals.

It covers: :

  • Identifying your team’s strengths and minimising the impact of any weaknesses
  • Understanding different individual styles and how to manage and motivate them
  • Building each member of your team’s skills and capabilities
  • Ensuring your team are organised and effective in achieving goals and meeting targets
  • Giving feedback (positive and negative)
  • Dealing with difficult and under-performing members of your team appropriately