Learn to communicate clearly and confidently with others.

The ability to communicate is at the heart of all business interactions.

On this course you will learn how to communicate in a way that is unique and authentic to you while ensuring that your message heard loud and clear, and exactly as you intended.

This interactive one day course will take you from the basics of good communication all the way through to more advanced topics, like ensuring that your behaviour matches your words.


Our training courses run from 9.30am through to 4.15pm.

We ask that you arrive by 9.15am so that you can be comfortably seated with a cup of coffee or tea and ready to start at 9.30am sharp.

We offer supportive, relaxed classes and some of the nicest instructors on the planet.

We include everything that you will need to have a great training day.

✔ Plenty of refreshments and biscuits through the day.
✔ A tasty, freshly prepared lunch.
✔ Comfortable, fully air-conditions training rooms.
✔ A full-colour minute-taking book to take home with you.

There is no dress code. Please come dressed in whatever you are comfortable in.


You don’t need any specific experience to attend this course.

We find that people who come to our course prepared get the most out of it however.

If you can make a note of a few interactions where you have struggled to clearly communicate your message that is very useful.


• Why is communication important?
• What is good communication?

• The impact of poor communication
• Who are the “best” communicators?

• What stops us communication effectively?
• What about listening (truly listening)?

• Communicating your message – what are you trying to say and to whom?
• Using appropriate language
• The power of words

• Being consistent
• Meaning what you say

• How to be sure you’re conveying your intended meaning (being unambiguous)
• Being congruent (your behaviour matches your words)

• Discussing and planning how you can practically apply your new skills and knowledge on your return to the office