Become a clear and confident communicator.
Delivery: Live online & in-person workshops
Price: £395 + VAT
Length: 1 Day

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Course overview

This one-day communication skills training course will teach you how to communicate clearly and confidently, while still in a way that is unique and authentic to you.

It covers all aspects of good professional communication from your choice of words through to some more advanced topics like ensuring that your body language matches your words and personal confidence.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand why clear communication is so important.
  • Understand the barriers to good communication and how to avoid them.
  • Know how to choose words and language for maximum impact.
  • How to be unambiguous so that there is no doubt what you are saying.
  • Have a personal action plan to ensure a lasting improvement to your communication skills.



You don’t need any specific experience to attend this communication skills course.

This course covers all of the key basics of business communication.

We find that people who come to our course prepared get the most out of it, however.

If you can make a note of a few interactions where you have struggled to clearly communicate your message that is very useful.

To see our other presentation skills and public speaking courses see: Presentation Skills Courses.

Course Details

• The impact of poor communication
• Who are the “best” communicators?

• What stops us communication effectively?
• What about listening (truly listening)?

• Communicating your message – what are you trying to say and to whom?
• Using appropriate language
• The power of words

• Being consistent
• Meaning what you say

• How to be sure you’re conveying your intended meaning (being unambiguous)
• Being congruent (your behaviour matches your words)

During the final session of this communications skills course, you will create a personalised action plan to take with you.

This will ensure that you make a lasting, sustained change to your communication skills.

Picture Showing Trainer For This Course, Barbara

Barbara has been designing and delivering leadership and management workshops for over 20 years. She is a member of the ILM, the Institute of Coaching and the Chartered Management Institute.

She started her career in marketing management with Proctor & Gamble and Rank Hovis McDougall before moving into training and 1:1 coaching.

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We’ll happily create a custom communication skills course for you if that is what you would prefer.

Simply let us know exactly what you would like to focus on the coursed and we’ll create one just for you.

We will customise it just for you:

  • 1-2-1 or in-house with your colleagues?
  • At your offices or in one of our centres?
  • Focusing only on certain key topics?

We provide everything that you need for a great day of fun, productive training.

Our communication skills training courses run from 9.30am through to approximately 4.30pm.

We ask that you arrive by 9.15am so that you can be comfortably seated with a cup of coffee or tea and ready to start at 9.30am sharp.

We offer supportive, relaxed classes and some of the nicest instructors on the planet.

We include everything that you will need to have a great training day.

  • Plenty of refreshments and biscuits through the day.
  • Comfortable, fully air-conditioned training rooms.
  • A full-colour communication skills book to take home with you.

Communication Skills FAQs

We will send you a booking confirmation as soon as we process your booking.

This will include full details of your communications skills training course and also a tax invoice.

It should contain all the information that you need.

However, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re here to help.

We accept credit and debit cards and also direct bank transfers.

No there is no dress code for our professional development courses.

Please come wearing whatever you are most comfortable in.

If you have any special needs or requirements please let us know when you book your course.

This will allow us to confirm that we’ll be able to accommodate your needs before you book the course.

You can change your course dates up to 14 days before the course start date.

This is subject to an administration fee of £95 + VAT.

Changes cannot be made to the booking within 14 days of the course start date.

Please see our full terms and conditions for more details.

No. We provide everything that you need for your communication skill training.

The only additional costs for you will be travel to and from the training venue and accommodation overnight if that is required.

While public speaking and effective communication have a number of similarities, but they are quite distinct.

Both, generally, involve informing, persuading or entertaining people. Both require effective communication and involve thoughts that are organized logically and messages that are tailored to the audience. Both often use stories and body language to good effect and use feedback to adapt the message.

Public speaking is generally relatively tightly controlled. As a speaker, you know how long you have to speak, on what topic and listeners generally don’t interrupt. In order to ensure effective communication of your points, you are clearly the centre of attention.

Communication skills are far more broadly applicable. You are communicating every time you are interacting with another person.

Being an effective communicator allows you to be better understood by those around you which is critical when working as part of a team.

Communication skills courses focus on this broader set of effective communication skills whether they be body language, communicating effectively by email, or simply building your confidence so that you have a greater personal impact.

Everyone is different and so has different challenges when communicating.

We don’t want to be the biggest training company but we are trying to be the best.

We have now won the Feefo Gold Award for customer service for 7 years in a row as part of Acuity Training.

We believe that real effective learning and professional skills improvement comes from experiencing something.

We think that guided practice is the fastest way to learn. This is why our classes are highly interactive. They involve lots of time for role playing which will build your confidence with the techniques that you are learning.

This course covers all forms of communication including spoken, email and body language.

To communicate effectively it is important that you learn to make sure that your body language, tone and personal demeanour match your professional impact and confidence. This ensures that people have a consistent experience when communicating with you.