1. Zone3

COURSE: Customised New Manager Training

Zone 3 are an international SME Sports and Fitness brand that has experienced rapid growth since the company was established in 2007 by our Founder and Director James Lock.

From our organic growth the challenge we have is often pulling our resources together as a team, and so, this year we have been restructuring the company handing the baton from leader to managers to create a supportive hierarchy as the company grows internationally.

At Zone3 it’s fundamentally important to us to get the most from our teams. Management training was very much needed for our newer managers to increase their managerial experience and confidence within the company when managing their sub-teams. However, as a small business we cannot afford to pay out large sums of money for training.

As office manager I had searched the internet far and wide looking for a locally based training company that displayed their training information clearly and concisely with no hidden costs or the need for a long drawn out quotation process, I didn’t have time for a long sales pitch, I just wanted a friendly personable training company and that’s when I found Development Academy.


Anne was super helpful in creating a bespoke course based around what our team needed to get most from the day and Jo our trainer offered tailored solutions on the day, combined with an easy to use website, this created the perfect solution for our company.

The results speak for themselves, here is what our employees have said about the new manager skills training they attended;

Kelly Taylor – Office Manager, Zone3
Image of Kelly Taylor of Zone3
Having previously worked for a training division and understanding the challenges we have with costs and time within our small business at Zone3 I knew exactly what we wanted to gain from a training company and Development Academy offered a breath of fresh air amongst many other companies that made their service both slow and costly.

As an office manager I play a key part in the creating the company culture, supporting both senior management and employees in their roles. I am often the first port of call within the business and so the training has given me a better understanding of how I can continue to support the team here at Zone3.

Anne answered all our questions and concerns and was able to give us a bespoke service, their staff were friendly and looked after us on the training day, including a tasty lunch at a short walk from their offices.

Jo was very approachable, funny and had valid commercial experience to admire, she was able to share with us her experience and collectively as a team were able to work through real life situations and examples with ease and confidence which has brought us closer together.

Sam Chapman – International Marketing Manager, Zone3

The training was great and well-structured, and the instructor was able to tailor it to our needs during the session. Some of the fundamentals of management will be worked on to ensure clear reporting from my staff. I will work on communication with staff and other team members to try and influence decisions within the company and manage expectations from senior management within our small company.

Harry Swinhoe – Digital Marketing Manager, Zone3

Really useful and insightful training day. It will help me better manage my immediate team and help me manage other’s expectations within the business. I’ll be applying Agile fundamentals within other departments and strengthening my team cooperation.

George Mann – Head of Global Operations, Zone3

The new manager skills training clearly highlighted my current management style short comings. I now can say ‘wait and no’ which I have never felt capable of saying before either to superiors or to juniors. Within the next 6 months I will apply the training with a new team management style within my team and introduction companywide to the Agile side of marketing. More delegation and assigning of roles to my team and a more open space for discussion.