2. Surrey Community Action

COURSE: Customised 1 Day Workshop

SCA are a large team working on diverse projects. They all work remotely and so don’t get together very often.

They had three key requirements for their day of training:

  1. Improve overall communication.
  2. Develop their teamwork.
  3. Review the organisation’s core beliefs and values and see how they could be made to come to life on a day-to-day basis.

1 day facilitated workshop for 14 people from Surrey Community Action.

The course content was completely customised after a number of conversations with the course co-ordinator.

This ensures that all three training objectives could be covered in one day.

85% of attendees said that they would implement changes to the way that they work straight away after the course.
90% of attendees said that they felt more engaged with the organisations’s core values and beliefs.
95% said that they would recommend Development Academy’s training to others.